Thursday, 25 August 2011

Ilustration Friday-Influence


Just a simple marker sketch in an attempt to show
that we are all linked in some way and that are actions
influence those around use for good or bad.


  1. so pretty this!, n the message is dead on. i love how you had a mssage like that, but didn't write it in our foreheads in the img say like drawing some of these guys with mad faces or something. but everyone, the bad n the good infuences are all the same externally n connection wise. it's very simple smart, this one. n i love! x3'

  2. Yes but it's all so safe, so confined, and life is rarely that way... what if there was a BOOM of influence, or a quiet hush that made more noise than an atom bomb - because sometimes it DOES happen like that...

  3. love the link! definitely! very easy and strong at the same time : ) great!

  4. Great simple line quality...Works really well!

  5. Hey guys thanks for your comments sorry it's taken a while to get back to you very very busy at the moment. AHAviews I take your point but I trying to illustrate a single aspect, responsibility for are actions.