Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Big day out

Has promised a bit of feedback on the market but first of all just wanted to say sorry for not giving any info out before the big day, way to busy with one thing or another anyway it went well shared a stall with Winnie check out her website here. the start was a little chaotic but some of that was down to me shooting of to the car park without my parking pass [what a div] but the market police were very helpful and allowed me to park and then go and get my pass.

There was a great atmosphere on the market both amongst the traders and public, did have some hilarious comments thou these were my favorites.

"Oh pictures I love pictures have you got any of the royal family"

" i wouldn't give ye tuppence for any of it"

Winnie's Birds drew this comment " Wow there so realistic"

This one of mine from a distraught villa fan "Could do with him in goal for the villa'

So all being well we will be back for more this Saturday so if your free come along and have good look round the stalls you wont be disappointed, BIG thanks to all who came along to support us.

See ya later.

More info here

Monday, 30 August 2010

A step to far?

I the vain of reusing discarded items is this maybe a step to far please rate or slate.
Will be giving you the lowdown on the handmade Birmingham art market
in the next day or so.