Saturday, 11 September 2010

Theirs no such thing as bad publicity

They say theirs no such thing as bad publicity, but I'm not so sure after reading to this article in the Birmingham Post and I quote "Carl, who describes his work as alternative and insane" Its true i have some difficulty describing my work but this is definitely not it and I do not remember ever using the word insane throughout the whole interview.
I guess
all in all the article helped publicise the handmade market and it was not just about me even so I've taken a far bit of stick as a result.
As for the photo I can't complain unfortunately I really do look like that.

Handmade Birmingham Market Sat 4th Sept
Went well sold more this week than last week, really nice vibe although the comments where not so funny, this week for some reason one or two people mistook are stall for a public information booth With questions like: how do I get Moore street station and where's the nearest MacDonald's but its always nice to be of service.

What was really cool quite a few people wanted talk about there art or there experiences with art.
It was nice to encourage and to be encouraged, chat and learn.

I was really touched by a elderly gent who talked about how he loves to draw things how he sees them. As he put it we all see things in a different way, and just as he was leaving he insisted on giving us a box of sweets. How can you not enjoy a day like that.